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Beautification & Parks Department

The mission of the Beautification Department is to provide the City of Newnan, its citizens, and visitors with efficient and effective maintenance and enhancement of the City’s parks, public grounds, and road right-of-ways.

Beautification Department Operations

Established in 1998 under the direction of the City's Landscape Architect, Mike Furbush, is responsible for a wide range of tasks related to the growth, development, and maintenance of the City of Newnan. The Beautification Department was created to preserve, heighten, and embellish the natural beauty of the City of Newnan. Using 4 crews, totaling 11 employees, the department is responsible for maintaining and enhancing the City’s parks, public grounds, and road rights-of-way. It's primary tasks include, but are not limited to:

  1. The first and most labor intensive is to provide the City and its citizens with efficient and effective maintenance and enhancement of the City's parks, public grounds, and road rights of way. This includes:
    1. mulching, trimming, maintaining, and planting trees, shrubs, and flowers;
    2. mowing, fertilizing, and edging grassed areas;
    3. picking up litter and debris; and
    4. providing an overall well maintained and appealing appearance to the City.
  2. The second is to provide standards for the preservation of trees as part of the land development process; to prevent the unnecessary mass grading of land without provision for replacement of trees; and to protect trees during construction whenever possible in order to enhance the quality of life within the City of Newnan.
  3. The third departmental task is to maintain and enhance the 7 parks and public places within the City including:
    1. Temple Avenue Park, C. J. Smith Park, Cranford Park, Lynch Park, Ray Park, Westgate Fields, and South Street Park.
    2. The crews also maintain several tracts that have been set-aside for recreational purposes, but have yet to be formally developed as parks.
    3. Public spaces within the City limits including the City Administration Building, the Public Safety Building, the Fire Stations, the Historic Downtown Business District, the Verona Rosser Center, the Main Street Office, the Oak Hill Cemetery entrance and walls, and the City owned parking lots are included in the departments regular maintenance schedule.


Mike Furbush | Landscape Architect
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Newnan, Georgia 30263
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