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Race, Equity and Justice Action Plan Committee

The J.W. Fanning Institute for Leadership Development is assisting the City of Newnan in the design and facilitation of a planning process, which will produce a three-year action plan aimed at understanding, analyzing, and working on the issues of race, equity, and justice.

Each stage of the planning process is being developed with input and participation from local residents, business and property owners, educational professionals, and safety experts that broadly represent the rich diversity of our community. The process will involve opportunities to engage in small focus groups, surveys, and individual interviews over the next six months. While there will be a variety of these formal and informal opportunities to engage in the overall planning process, a formal Planning Committee will have the commitment to guide the development of the plan.

About the Committee
The composition of the Planning Committee is drawn from the representatives and stakeholders described above, and those who may hold formal and/or informal positions of leadership throughout the community. Their role is to provide more frequent, in-depth, and consistent advice and guidance throughout the planning process and be the voice for their constituency, organization, and/or neighborhood. Planning committee sessions will be facilitated by members of the faculty at the J.W. Fanning Institute for Leadership Development at the University of Georgia.

Planning Committee Member Roles and Responsibilities
  • Regularly attend committee meetings; up to 10 meetings will be scheduled, each lasting approximately 2-4 hours between November 2020 and May 2021. (Committee members are not expected to be experts in the various subject matter of the plan. Part of the process is an educational component meant to increase the knowledge of participants on each key topic).
  • Represent their own constituency, organization, and/or neighborhood, while at the same time thinking and working collaboratively for the entire community in support of the action plan.
  • Serve as good two-way conduits of information both during and in between formal meetings: communicating information from the Planning Committee back to their constituency, organization, and/or neighborhood to the work of the Planning Committee.
  • Provide open and honest feedback throughout the planning process to support and reflect the community at large.
  • To support the implementation of the final action plan and attend community-wide efforts to share the outcome of the work.
Project Partners
  • Coweta County School System
  • Coweta County
  • Coweta County Sherriff
  • District Attorney
  • Coweta County Solicitor General
  • City of Newnan
  • City of Senoia
  • City of Palmetto
  • City of Sharpsburg
  • City of Grantville

The application period has closed. Stay tuned for further updates soon!