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25 TOP Things to do in Newnan


25 TOP Things to do in Newnan

Begin to plan your stay in Newnan and don't miss our 110 Things to do!

1. Devour a Club Sandwich at Redneck Café 

2. Browse Newnan Lofts to witness the revived Newnan Cotton Mill 

3. Pick fresh blueberries at Blueberry Hill 
4. Hike a mile or two at the Walking Trails at Carl Miller Park 
5. Watch NuLink local programming
6. Have an appetizing picnic at the Lynch Park Pavilion
7. Order the Lewis Grizzard Special at Sprayberry’s Barbeque
8. Play on the Kids Castle Playground
9. Fly a Kite at Cranford Park 
10. Mentor a Child at the Boys and Girls Club

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